Wood pellets

Wood pellets are produced from chopped wood pieces compressed under high pressure and naturally bound in such a way. Usage of pellet, as heating material, has multiple advantages, both for the preservation of the environment and also for the users.

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When choosing and purchasing pellet, attention should be paid to the quality of product, as pellet of questionable quality may cause harmful consequences. Arboreko pellets are high-quality pellets with a high caloric power and a very low ash contents. We can offer you two types of pellet meeting ENplus A1 and ENplus A2 standards.

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Wood briquettes

Arboreko wood briquettes make a good alternative for solid fuels such as wood or coal. They are an effective fuel for firing, which is not harmful to the environment. They have a higher caloric value than the best quality coal, ensuring a long period of combustion and high temperatures.


Our briquettes can be purchased throughout the year, in small quantities, when and as much as needed, unlike other solid fuels that you must purchase in large quantities. Ash remaining after the combustion of our briquettes is fully environmentally clean and it can be used as fertilizer for flower plants and gardens.

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