Wood briquettes


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Arboreko briquettes make a good alternative for solid fuels such as wood or coal. They are an effective fuel for firing, which is not harmful to the environment. They have a higher caloric value than the best quality coal, ensuring a long period of combustion and high temperatures, which makes them an ideal fuel for domestic stoves and furnaces.


  • Heating value of 4.9 kWh/kg
  • Eco biofuel
  • High efficiency
  • Simple use
  • Packed in bags
  • Renewable energy sources
  • Cost-effectiveness


There is an increasing international trend of abandoning the usage of fossil fuels and transfer to the renewable energy sources. Technological development has enabled the production of cheap heating materials using mechanical technology, by compressing biomass with briquette pressing machines without the use of additives and binding substances. Briquette production is a process that belongs to environmentally clean technologies.

Arboreko briquettes burn evenly, with a small amount of smoke and without flying ash particles – it produces 10 times smaller amount of ash than coal. Its combustion does not pollute the environment compared to the other solid fuels, as it contains as much as 100 times less Sulphur than coal. They are produced of 50% beech and 50% fir tree in two options – with a hole and without it. The hole in the middle of a briquette increases its combustion power, which is why it leaves a small percentage of ash. Briquettes without a hole burn in a slower and longer way. Both types of briquette are packed in folia pack of 10kg.


Briquette is an exceptionally adequate raw material for heating of residential buildings, which have independent heating facilities or central heating with own boiler using solid fuel. Briquettes are good for usage in all types of furnaces, fireplaces and grills, where it is necessary to achieve high combustion temperatures.

Advantages of briquettes compared to the other solid fuels?


  • Briquettes are made of waste raw materials of herbal origin (biomass)
  • They have a higher caloric value than the best quality coal
  • They have no harmful gases when burning


  • Smaller storage space needed because of smaller dimensions
  • Faster release of thermal energy achieving the desired temperature faster, as it is more compressed and with higher caloric value compared to the other solid fuels.

This is particularly valid for mechanically made briquettes.

  • Easier cleaning and maintenance because of the small quantity of remains after combustion.
  • A very small quantity of flying ash.
  • No additional preparation before usage needed (no chopping and cutting) – briquette is ready made to use.
  • A very small quantity of waste – briquettes mechanically made are as hard as wood and they are not easily damaged, meaning that they produce no dust and waste.


Briquettes are a good-quality and cost-effective fuel. Production of one ton of briquette takes about 4m3-7m3 of wood mass, depending on the type and moisture of raw materials.

One (1) ton, produced in such a way, replaces:

  • 4-5m3 of hard wood
  • 500-600 liters of light distillate oil
  • 500-600 m3 of gas
  • 1 ton of a good-quality coal

Our briquettes can be purchased throughout the year, in small quantities, when and as much as needed, unlike other solid fuels that you must purchase in large quantities. Ash remaining after the combustion of our briquettes is fully environmentally clean and it can be used as fertilizer for flower plants and gardens.