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enplus certifikat


ENplus was presented for the first time in Germany in 2010. Certification has had a very fast growth around the world and more than 8 millions of tons of pellet were certified until October 2017, in 43 countries in the world in 6 continents.

ENplus Certificate – quality measurement for wood pellets

New European standards for solid fuels became effective in 2011, in order to provide the same quality of fuel throughout Europe. These standards are also valid and applicable for wood pellet and they are marked with EN 14961-2.

ENplus Certificate do not meet only EN 14961-2 standards but even stricter quality criteria. ENplus quality stamp guarantees low emission of harmful gases with high value of obtained energy.

What are the ENplus quality classes?

ENplus standard includes ENplus A1 and ENplus A2 quality classes.

ENplus A1 is the premium quality class and it is most often used in private households. This class of pellet produces the lowest quantity of ash and meets the highest requirements, while ENplus A2 is used in larger facilities and produces more ash.

Characteristics of ENplus A1 and A2 classes

Parameter (unit)ENplus A1ENplus A2
Length (mm) Do 40* Do 40*
Impurities (% of mass) ≤ 1 ** ≤ 1 **
Ash contents (% of mass) ≤ 0,7 *** ≤1,5 ***
Ash melting temperature (C) ≥ 1 200 **** ≥ 1 100 ****

*      15 of all pellet can be longer than 40 mm, but maximum to 45 mm
**     Particles < 315 mm, impurities
***    Ash contents at 550 ℃
****   Ash for maintenance of melting temperature is made at 815 ℃

How do procedures of boilers see ENplus?

The majority of producers recommends using of ENplus pellet. They also include ENplus standard into the guarantees of their products.

Does ENplus increases the price of pellet?

ENplus certification does not cause high additional costs for producers and traders.

How can consumers recognize an ENplus pellet?

ENplus logo is used together with the identification number of the producer, who owns the certificate, and it can be recognized on the packaging of delivered pellet or on the delivery note. All the registration numbers of the producer having this certificate are given on the website of ENplus.