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Wood pellets are produced from chopped wood pieces compressed under high pressure and naturally bound in such a way. Usage of pellet, as heating material, has multiple advantages, both for the preservation of the environment and also for the users.

Advantages of pellet heating are as follows:

  • Cost-effectiveness

    Compared to other fuels or usage of electrical energy, the usage of pellet is substantially more cost-effective, providing the costs of fuel to be lower by 50%. Utilization of pellet energy is more than 90%, while that of classical stoves, boilers and fireplaces using wood and coal is 70% at the most.

  • High efficiency

    The energy value of pellet is about 18 MJ/kg of pellet (5 kWh/kg). Pellets produce more heat than oil, natural gas or firewood. The amount of 30 kg of pellet provides the room of 150m2 to be heated for 24 hours.

  • Environmental acceptability

    Wood pellets are produced from 100% of natural materials, without additional binding substances, chemicals or additives. They substantially decrease the emission of harmful gases, such as carbon dioxide, Sulphur dioxide and mercury.

  • Simple to use

    There is an obviously great difference of comfort when compared to the usage of coal or wood. Pellet advantage of this type of fuel is that it can be used in an automated way, similarly like liquid and gas fuels. Boilers for combustion of wood pellet are equipped with automation, which runs the combustion process in line with the set temperature for the heated area. It is down to the furnace user to fill in the reservoir every couple of days with pellet and take out ash. The control, dosing and cleaning are fully automated.

  • Renewable energy source

    A great advantage of pellet is that this is material (small wood remains) used to produce a renewable energy source.


An average household spends about 6 tons of pellet during one year. When choosing and purchasing pellet, attention should be paid to the quality of product, as pellet of questionable quality may cause harmful consequences.

Arboreko pellets are high-quality pellets with a high caloric power and a very low ash contents. We produce them from fir tree, applying special technology of the latest generation. Pellets are packed into 15 kg and 1000 kg bags.

We can offer you two types of pellet meeting ENplus A1 and ENplus A2 standards.


Parameter (unit)ENplus A1ENplus A2
Fir tree share 100 % 100 %
Heating value 5,1 kWh/kg 5,1 kWh/kg
Ash contents (% of mass) < 0,7 % < 1,2 %
Pellet moisture contents  < 8 %  < 8 %
Bulk density  650 kg/m3  650 kg/m3